Five serious errors committed when using the Olive Oil


Olive oil is one of the most widely used and popular oils because of its significant health benefits, where it is recommended to take one teaspoon per day on an empty stomach to get the vitamins and acids that protect the body from disease. But there are some errors in use and which should be avoided.

While not know its source

Before you can use Olive oil for any purpose should check the source, to avoid to be adulterated. The adulteration Olive oil in three ways, either by mixing high-quality Olive oil with less quality, or old oil fill or Almetznk from the remnants of the former combines and sell it as a new, or fill soybean or sunflower oils and mixed with olive oil.

According to the US International Trade Commission, Vzi next olives from Australia, Chile is the best with respect to the high quality and purity. Are advised to buy bottled olive oil in a dark-colored bottles, because the light is working on the most vulnerable in which the destruction of properties. The original seller Olive oil will not put him in transparent bottles.

In frying

According to some nutrition experts, Olive oil becomes harmful to the heart when it is heated to the point of producing fumes, which reach 320 degrees for extra virgin olive oil for, and 420 degrees olive oil, virgin, but according to expert olive oil, it will not produce harmful toxins.

But what will happen when it will begin Baltksr a certain temperature, where it is the destruction of the most important nutrients such as omega-3 and antioxidants during the heating process. For maximum benefit can be used for olive oil in the rapid preparation of sauteed, or an addendum to the final. And you can use what is more secure with respect to heat and heating, Sudanese beans, or safflower or safflower oil.

In barbecue

Many recipes recommend Ptetbil meat intended for the grill olive oil, spices and vegetables, fat or barbecue by the stove; prevent adhesion. It will not provide the experience of a distinctive grill, where the product will burn olive oil fumes, which may affect the taste of the food you may be tempted to taste the gas that you use a dedicated gas grill.

While the food may not need to olive oil, but the fireplace needs to be pork fat with oil before starting a barbecue. It advised using vegetable oil or grape seed oil. After your food is cooked, you can add drops of olive oil to it.

In some types of baked goods

According to some experts, extra virgin olive oil can be substituted for butter or margarine. But remember that it has a strong flavor, it may cause some problems, it had the desired mild flavor, it is advisable to use it, and prefers to use butter. And it applies to any kind which requires a solid fat, such as the survival of frostings. Olive oil may well be in the preparation of the Italian Albascotti muffins or cakes.

Types of skin prone to acne care

Olive oil is used Kchampo balm, moisturizer, massage oil, also enters in the preparation of household soap, moisturizing creams, peels, and others. But is it good for all skin types? Olive oil is known in terms of skin care b “Comedogenic” which means that it works to fill the pores. So experts advise using sunflower oil, which does not work on the clogged pores of the skin, or the argan oil as an alternative.



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Five serious errors committed when using the Olive Oil

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